Aug 22, 2007

Want to understand a viral ad?

Hopefully you don't have to get hurt to do it, but your ad really does need to be remarkable to be viral.

(Even before the "remarkable" part, this guy's pretty funny. It's so crazy that after all these years, local automobile dealers still scream at you. I guess that means it still works...)

Aug 19, 2007

Even though it's easier, it ain't that easy...

Blogging. Digital photos. Advertising in Search Engines. Updating your website...

Everything is so much easier now when it comes to communicating with your customers, employees and other business associates.

But that doesn't mean communicating is any easier. Coming up with a message that is relevant and interesting to your audience is still not easy, especially when your audience has more communication to deal with than ever before.

While it's very inexpensive to set up a blog and website to communicate openly, that doesn't make it easier to write several small articles a month or get your brand properly identified.

While it's amazing that you can be advertising your product to the world within minutes in Google, you still have to have a great product, enticing message and effective call to action. And you have to know to manage keywords or you can waste A LOT of money.

While it's much easier to measure results of online marketing compared to older channels, it's still not that easy to understand what all the data means for your future marketing plan.

You have to stay on top of marketing trends and tools like never before, you have to apply just as much to your marketing budget as ever before, and you have to work just as hard to communicate properly as before.

But here is one thing that is easier in today's marketing world... you do not have to spend so much money TESTING an idea on physical media, such as printing and mailing newsletters, business collateral and traditional media in broadcast and print. You can launch a message and get fairly immediate response from your audience, which allows you to adjust your marketing on the fly. And once you have nailed it in the online world, you can safely launch it in traditional media too.