Mar 25, 2008

Why Jeff Tweedy's Business Should Be Important to You

Jeff Tweedy is a musician who has been carving his own path through the music business for years. He embraces the internet as a medium to get more people to hear his band's music, even if the listener doesn't pay for the song. I won't put any links here... simply Google him and music business, and you'll see his views in detail.

Here's the path he took to make me become a really good customer. This is a great example of how long it might take to make a customer a "lifetime" customer.

1. In the early to mid 90's I hear of a band called Uncle Tupelo that's good, but I don't check them out. I really don't like their name. This was Jeff Tweedy's band.

2. Mid to Late 90s ... I hear of Wilco and the term "alt country." It's supposed to be good. But I don't hear it. It's not on the radio.

3. 2004 ... Yankee Hotel Foxtrot comes out. It's a great, great album. A friend gives me a burnt copy on CD. I love it. I watch a borrowed copy of their DVD documentary of making Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

4. Same friend gives copy of next album, "A Ghost is Born." It came at a time when I had another band on heavy rotation, and I didn't have time to give it a chance. A few listens told me it was no YHT, as expected.

5. 2007: Another friend asks me to turn him on to some cool music. I turn him on to Wilco, thinking it's a good fit with other music he likes. He loves it.

6. 2008: Wilco comes to second friend's town. He insists on buying me a ticket. We see show. I'm blown away, and am taken to a new level of "customer satisfaction." I get home, buy all their albums at iTunes, and even gift it to friend #3 because they had just seen them on Saturday Night Live

Motive: If you sell something you care about, don't ever give up, and use any avenue possible to let people know you and your product/service exist.