May 4, 2007

MicroHoo? YaSoft?

If Microsoft does buy Yahoo, I just can't see any angle where this would benefit either company (except for the Yahooligans who take their millions and run, as Seth suggests.)

Microsoft already has a landing site (MSN) and search engine (Windows Live?) that works, it's simply just not as popular as Yahoo's. So what do they do? Kill MSN and Windows Live, and let Yahoo be the online property? Or do they shut down Yahoo and brand it all MSN? Or do they just keep the two brands separated, and expect every user to stay where they're at?

I just can't imagine this being a good idea. I bet a huge percentage of Yahoo fans use Yahoo in defiance of Microsoft to begin with.

Bill, please talk to me about using the $50 Billion to improve the Microsoft brand, not to kill an existing brand that does a pretty good job and looks to be in 2nd place for a long time.

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