Jun 1, 2007

I'm the Pusher Man

I have two new projects launching that I hope you check out.

First, an e-book I've been working on for four years. It's only 14 pages. That's right, 14 pages in 4 years. It's about a solution for U.S. taxation, as we all know the current system is terrible. It has a unique marketing plan: let folks read the book for free, and if they like the idea, buy it and pass it on to everyone they know and earn $5 for each sale. It's like an MLM except it's not shady, has a mission instead of a fake product, and very low cost of entry ($10.40).

Please check it out at http://kirklancaster.com/AET

Secondly, an extension of my Working Billboards project: http://KeepTheBeachClean.com/.
Self explanatory. Check it out.

Spread the word.

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