Jul 8, 2007

Looking Into the Crystal Ball

Perhaps by 2012...?

  • Cars will have exterior and interior full-time cameras and recorders; your own little "black box" that will protect you (or possibly incriminate you) in the event of accidents or crimes.Car tags will be wireless and digital, no numbers visible.
  • Cars won't start unless tag and insurance are up to date, and the driver is licensed and authorized to drive. Thanks to these new tags, you won't be running any red lights or stop signs without getting an automatic fine.
  • Cars will have real-time speed limits based on traffic, road and weather conditions. You won't be able to break speed limits, again giving you big savings off car insurance.

Yes, this is another hard-to-stomach, far-fetched vision, and privacy advocates will scream bloody murder. But when you consider automobile accidents are the most common cause of accidental death in America, why can't we use technology to help eliminate 50,000 deaths per year? Many new business opportunities would be created, and many liabilities destroyed.

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