Mar 28, 2007

5 Lbs of Leads

AT&T, the mother of all bells, is back in control of the southern one. Today she sent us not one, but two phone books, a big one and a little one.

Wow, I wish I knew how much money went into these two books. Think of all the work at BellSouth/AT&T that went into the layout of these books, to get them print-ready... think of all the printers and delivery people involved. Think of all the sales people who sold the ads, and the marketing department that pulled it all together. That's a huge expense, even if you're really good at making phone books. Which, of course, I hope they are by now.

When I got my first phone book earlier in the month, I posted about how the advertisers can get a lot more out of their ad budget online than in a phone book. This time, I'm talking about the cost of the books themselves. What is this costing me, the consumer?

At first, I don't think I am paying a penny for these books because I don't use AT&T for anything. But then again, I use businesses who spend thousands and thousands on phone book advertising, and of course I'm paying more for their products and services because of it.

To these businesses: please drop the expensive phone book advertising, get online and pass the savings to us customers and clients.

Also, it's a pain and a cost to recycle these things. I hate recycling something that should not have been made in the first place. Especially when I didn't ask to receive it.

Hopefully phonebook season is over since we already have 5 pounds of them.

Maybe I'll dig through one and send nice notes to businesses without websites.

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