Mar 20, 2007

Local Advertising

I think it's an exciting time to be a small business. Small is big.

You can advertise in small spaces in newspapers and magazines (and TV, radio and websites), and send the potential customer, voter, member, donor, subscriber or client straight to your website.

I live in Lynn Haven, Florida, and as I approach 40, I'm finally becoming interested in the local government. We have a city election coming up, and here's what a candidate puts in the paper:

He's honest and qualified and will sincerely appreciate my vote. No agenda. No platform. No issues. No Solutions.

How easy it would have been to include a website address with full biography and reason for seeking the seat. Do a Google search for Neil C. Jones, and there's nothing about a man from Lynn Haven. Wait a second...

There once was a man from Lynn Haven
His head was brilliant and shaven
He posted his blog
He patted his dog
And asked "does this make me a maven?"

Anyway, I just can't believe that a politician today would not say everything he wants to say on his website, and spend all his money on little local ads sending people to his website.

And here's another local ad that does something almost worse than not having a web address... having a web address that doesn't work.

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