Mar 15, 2007

Apple needs to make an affiliate program for iTunes

Updated March 20: They actually do have an affiliate program that pays 5% commission (you have to sell a lot of songs to make any money). And it's hard to join, it's handled through Linkshare and the site interface is a nightmare.

They wouldn't let me have an affiliate link to sell their music because "my site has content unrelated to iTunes."

No Duh! I'm not going to write about iTunes on my site until I put my affiliate link up there that says "Kirk recommends these songs from iTunes..."

Again, even the best ain't perfect.
End update -

Not that they need more sales, but affiliate programs are a GREAT way to sell your product online. Apple should create an iTunes affiliate "dj" program. The "dj" composes a play list, as long or short as she wants, and lets her "fans" purchase the entire playlist in one click. Then Apple puts an affiliate commission in her pocket on each sale.